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Due to events beyond our control we are having difficulty finding a supply of our preferred color of Red Flannel Fabric for our Signature Flannel items. Due to this the color of our knit items will not match that of the flannel items. We are busy looking for a new source and appreciate your understanding and patience. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Thank you! 

Red Flannel Happenings

Posted by Pam on 8/22/2019
Hello all,
A quick update on the happenings at the Factory!

We have recently had our very first tour group stop in! The Allendale Life-Long Learners stopped by this week as a part of a mystery tour of our area. They were treated to a fashion show, thanks to the Red Flannel Grand Babies, and a short explination of our products and the Factory's history. We had a wonderful time with these great people!

In other news, we have new seamstresses in training! My daughter and a few grand daughters have joined the team and we are looking forward to another great holiday season!

Join us the first Saturday in October at Red Hawk Elementary (Booth 5!) for the annual Red Flannel Festival Craft sale! I look forward to seeing you!

Lastly, we will be removing some items from our product list. We feel that this decision will allow us to more readily provide the products that our customers are seeking. With that being said, if you do not see what you are looking for on our site, please contact us! We are always willing to create something special just for you!

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 Red Flannel Happenings
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